Why you should switch to Ting for your wireless mobile needs
My Story
I'll give you $25 if you sign-up using my Special Link

I cut my cell phone bill by more than half by switching to Ting instead of Sprint, but I still use the Sprint network and the same Sprint devices.

A few weeks ago I called my cell phone provider, Sprint, to add a phone number to my Family Plan. I wasn’t subsidizing a new phone, I just wanted to add a number and activate an old Android phone that I already own. Hidden in all of the fast talk was something about a two-year commitment, so when the guy eventually stopped talking I asked if they were going to lock me into another two-year contract for simply adding another number to my plan even though I wasn’t subsidizing a new phone. There answer, “Yes, it helps us provide great customer service.” “Never Mind”, was my response, and so began my search for a new provider.
This story actually started about a year ago when Sprint forced me to create a 1500 minute per month Family Plan. I told them that I don’t want to pay $110 for minutes that I’ll never use. They informed me that the plan was the lowest Family Plan they offer. Frustration is ensues.

Let’s get back to three weeks ago: I was checking out some pre-paid plans from Boost and Virgin Mobile since they work on the Sprint network and would be compatible with all of the devices that I already own. That’s when I came across Ting, a lesser known company with a simple philosophy that just makes sense:
1. Great Rates! I pay for only the Minutes, Text and Data that I use. If I use less I pay less, if I use more I pay more.
2. No Contracts.
3. Same Sprint network that I’ve been using for years, including high speed 4G LTE.
4. Super easy to read usage graphics on the Dashboard. See the video below.

Picture and Video Messaging? FREE.   Voicemail? FREE.   Call Forwarding? FREE.   Three-way Calling? FREE.   Tethering? FREE.   Want to use your phone as a Wireless Hotspot? FREE.   Number Porting (in or out)? FREE.   Account Cancellation anytime I want - FREE.

Being the geek that I am, I ran the numbers and figured out the following:
I was paying $65 per device with Sprint. I'm now paying just $27 per device with the same usage! I’m saving well over $100 per month by using Ting! And it's the same BETTER service! If I need them, a Ting representative will actually answers the phone when I call, usually on the second ring!

Look at my numbers for yourself by clicking on the image to the left. I took the past four months of Sprint bills and added up all of my usage. Then I applied that four months of usage to Ting to find out how much I could save... $120 per month with my five devices! You can do a quick calculation for yourself on Ting's Savings Calculator page.

If you decide to make the switch, Ting has authorized me to give you a $25 credit towards the purchase of a Ting phone or a $25 credit on your new account.
If you already have a Sprint Phone, you may also be able to Bring Your Own Device over to Ting. Do the math for yourself, even with Sprint's Early Termination Fee, you could be saving a lot of money in just a few months.

When you're ready to make the switch, please use this link to get started so you can get your $25 credit.
Ting will also give me a $25 credit on my account, so I thank you.



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